What is it that warms us on a bitterly cold day?

Coats? Mittens?  Layers of clothing?  A hooded fur coat?  An electric blanket?

Steaming hot coffee?  Cocoa?  A bowl of chili?

A roaring fire place?

Creature comforts?  We are, after all, creatures.

When the temperatures drop below zero, who doesn’t want to stay in bed, and cover up with quilts and comforters and cats?

We hear the alarm, life is calling.  Reluctantly, we face the cold.

The car started.  Good.

I made it to work.  Good.

I am wearing 2 sweaters, a blazer, my bear coat, a scarf, gloves and a polar bear hat.  Good.

I am not really warm.  I am not really cold.  And then…..

Valentines from  unexpected sources.  A lovely box of chocolates,  a tote bag and a little animated devil.  A homemade candy rose.  A crazy valentine card.

I feel warm.

I start peeling my layers.

Would you like breakfast?  We are ordering.  Oh yes!

Would you like some nasty hot kale chips?  Of course!

I get involved in my work.

I forget about the cold.

I check on my coworkers.  You ok?  Do you need anything?  Are you warm enough?  Do you want to wear my fingerless gloves?  How about some candy?

I go outside for a break.  It is 19 degrees.

I feel warm, yet invigorated.

Is it because I am bundled up?


But I think the warmth is coming from another source.

On the coldest day of the winter of 2015, I found the secret to feeling warm.

And it has nothing to do with the cold weather.





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