Let’s dance.

Let’s fight.

Let’s duke it out.

Sometimes, life is a dance.

You disagree.

You fume.

How could she? or he?

Simmering…. smoldering… but never surfacing.

In time, complete avoidance.

You let those feelings control you.

Check mate.

There is no resolution.

All consuming.

Communication?  Non existent.

Harboring old feelings that turn inward.


Disruptive behavior.

Sarcastic barbs.

Turn the screw.

Kill the beast.

Who suffers?

You feel sick.

You feel unproductive.

Negativity sets in.

You blame the monster.

Oh yes, relationships do make a difference.

The solution?




Moving on.

You are not going to change another person.

But you can change your approach to others.

Open up.

Be who you are.

Express your feelings.

Find a common bond.


Agree to disagree.

Set expectations.

To gain control, give up control.

Your health, happiness and life depend on it.

In the end, is it all about that person?  Or is it all about you?

Or could it be that it is all about both of you?

End the madness.

Take the first step.

Clear the air.

Free your spirit.

It’s up to you.

We don’t have to like on another, or to agree with one another.

But those who find a way to work with one another, whatever the differences, are those who are happiest and successful.





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