Walked in at 11am.

She had it ready.

“Hey, it’s snowing already.”

No one in the place, except for the Chicken Butt.

“Where is everyone?”

“Uhm….. home?  It’s snowing, you idiot.”

Oh great.  Now I have to carry 11 bags of groceries upstairs, in the snow.

Better have another.

Snowing like crazy.

In walks the village idiot.

“Nice hat.  New?”

“Yes.  A grizzly bear hat with mittens.  Like it?”

“What’s that on top?”

“What?  Oh that.  I didn’t have anything to cut the tags off.”

“Quite tacky, actually.”

“So what?  It was on sale, half price.”

“My opinion?  Whatever you paid for it, it was too much.”

“Thank you for sharing that.  When you are done with your drink, I think I will take you out back and shoot you.”

“Are you kidding?  You aren’t going anywhere soon.  We will be stranded here.  If there is any place I want to be stranded, it is here.”

“Well, I have 11 bags that I have to deliver, so I am venturing out.”

“11 bags?  Are you one of them?”

“Yup.  I am the mother of all bags.”

“What’s your name, Mother Bag?”

“Chicken Buttafucco. What’s yours?”

“Richard Johnson-Head.

“Nice meeting you, Dick Head.”

“Thanks.  Will I see you again?”

“Oh yeah.  Out back.”





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