Siss boom bah.

Coldness, coldness, rah rah rah.

Let’s all cheer.

And never fear.

For the end of winter is very near.

30 days hath September, April June and November.

30 days til we no longer remember

These brutally cold nights and days

When old Man Winter gives up his ways

And we bask in the warmth of the spring time rain.

And wait for the flowers to ease the pain.

Oh winter, how you love to create a fuss

You bring out the best and the worst in  all of us.

Tis the season for reflection on the life we are living

We renew, meditate, and think about giving.

Our lives are like the changing seasons.

Each is unique and has its own reasons.

But winter, oh winter, why are you lingering on?

I can’t wait til you are gone.






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