Woke up before 4am this morning.

It was actually too warm in the house.

So strange, after I was freezing yesterday.

A great respite:  40 degrees today.

Since when did I celebrate 40 degree temps?

It was  65 degree difference from last Monday, when it was -25.

It’s predicted that the arctic blast will resurface tonight.

Yeah?  So what?  Right now, I am toasty.

Even the cat went out today.

He was a little miffed when he saw the snow.

Who wasn’t?

I asked him if he wanted to wear my bear coat, and he declined.

I wonder if they make boots for cats.

Speaking of boots, none of mine fit.

What happened to my feet?

They are growing like a weed.

Don’t get me started on weed.

The last time I had a doctor appointment, I asked if I was a candidate.

She laughed.

I hate it when a doctor doesn’t take me seriously.

But then, most people don’t.

Could it be that the past two winters have caused my brain to freeze over?

Do you know what it’s like to have a frozen brain, boots that don’t fit, and a hateful cat?

Get this:  Pat’s bees are humming, in spite of the cold.

A bee has more brains than I do.

I wonder if their feet grow?

Or do bees have feet?

I heard that bumble bees are ergonomically not equipped to fly, but they do.

I bet they are on weed.




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