A woman dressed as a bear walked into a bar.

Shots were ordered.

Glasses were raised and clunked.

What the hell kind of outfit is that, Wolf?

Where did you get that hat?

Don’t you know it is bear hunting season?

I will have you know this hat was on sale for $7.99, at the grocery store.

Can you get anymore ridiculous?

It was a toss up, between a lion  and the bear.

Why didn’t you get the ensemble?

Yeah, I might just pick up the lion, the tiger and the beaver.

I think you should consider the cougar.

The cougar was sold out, back ordered.

Oh?  Sounds like a commentary on our society.  Cougars are running rampant, preying on unsuspecting cubs.

Haven’t you heard of a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing?

If it walks like a wolf, and talks like a wolf, it most likely is a wolf.

Think again, boys.  If it looks like a bear , walks like a bear and talks like a bear, it just could be a cougar.

I better have another drink before I  can begin to understand that.

Ok if I join you?

Why not?

Hey big boy, are you loaded for bear?







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