Have you ever…..

Driven down an icy, 7 mile slope?

Woke up with a fat cat on your head?

Been bombarded with the same request 14 times in one day?

Wanted a cheeseburger and settled for a salad?

Played the lottery and lost?

Put too much “goo” in your hair?

Got angry when McD’s announced no more big macs?

Wore a fur coat in the rain and smelled like a bear?

Wondered if you were sane?

Wore purple and looked like a pulverized grape?

Asked several people to take you out back and shoot you? And they said, “Get in line?”

Sent an email to the wrong person?

Stopped at the bar and the patrons were disappointed that you didn’t wear a ridiculous hat?

Looked at your inbox and realized you had 19,ooo messages, and the limit is 50?

Said, “I quit” and no one cared?

Have a spectacular day?

Looked back…. and it was.






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