“Writing your blog, Wolf?”

“No.  I am under the weather.”

“Aren’t we all?  It has been a rough week.”

“I’ll give you that, but I am under another kind of weather.  Sick, you  idiot.”

“What kind of sick?”

“I think it has something to do with my health.”

“No kidding.  Now, who’s the idiot?”

“I just might have to go off my diet.”


“I think my high blood sugar took a dive and now I have low blood sugar.”

“What can you do about that?”

“Eat my ass off until I get to the doctor on Monday.”

“You mean, eat bread and sweets and pasta and hot fudge sundaes?   Woo Hoo!”

“No, more like a teaspoon of honey or a glass of juice when I feel shaky and goofy.”

“I thought you always felt goofy.”

“Look, Minnie, there is a good goofy and a bad goofy.  And I have both.”

“High sugar?  Low sugar?  What the hell?  Maybe you are bi-polar.”

“No, not bi polar, just polar.  Didn’t you know I am a bear?  And a bear needs honey?”

“It’s time to put that bear coat and hat in hibernation, Wolf.  No one wants to see a shaky bear running around.”

“I plan to put it in hibernation as soon as it gets warm.”

“When is that?”

“Sometime after July 4th.”



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