“What’s with all the noise outside, Minnie?  I am trying to rest and I keep hearing crashing sounds.”

“Whatever you do, don’t go out there to investigate.”

“Why not?”

“You will not make it more than a couple of inches.  There are ice missiles hanging from the deck.  I opened the basement door and 4 of them came crashing down on me. And they are mighty big ones.”

“What the hell?  Did they hit you?”

“No,  but they are laying around the driveway, in droves. Forget about walking.  If you dodge the hanging missiles, there are a zillion waiting for you to slip on them.”

“Oh great.  We are trapped in here,  surrounded by icy swords.  No wonder the cats won’t go out.”

“I saw one gigantic icicle that must have been 3 feet long.  It took a dive and stuck straight up, in the snow. Unfortunately, it is right outside the door, guarding against any attempt to exit or enter.”

“I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Now what?”

“Not a good idea.  It will be melting again tomorrow,  and those bad boys will be wild.  Drip, drip, drip and then, bombs away!”

“Yeah, well, isn’t that just dandy?  This winter won’t give up.”

“What happened to your philosophy that winter has its own beauty?”

“I lied.   It sucks.”





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