Waiting at the medical center for a blood test.

There are 4 of us waiting.

In walks patient number 5, who tries to sign in.

He walks up to the machine, removes his glasses, put on a different pair of glasses and taps the machine.

It doesn’t respond.

He taps again, this time harder.

He is now pounding the machine.

The nurse looks up from her desk and says:  “Tap it lightly.  There is no need to pound on it.”

Patient number 5, says: “It’s not working.  See?”  And he taps, taps, taps.”

Nurse says:  “Tap the white area at the top.:”

The patient is now having a constant conversation with the nurse, who is no more than 10 feet away, but will not get up to help the guy.

He finally gets through it and sits down beside me.

He says:  “That’s the second time I got hollered at today.  She didn’t have to holler at me like that.”

His name is David, retired, and talks quite loudly.

I reminded him that it is Friday the 13th, so no wonder he is having a bad day.

Patient number 6 walks in and makes an announcement:  “I need to go first, if you all don’t mind.  My sister just got hit by a car and has broken bones and I have to take her to the hospital.”

Being the wise ass that I am, I said: “What about calling an ambulance?”

“Oh yeah, she is in the ambulance.”

David, leans towards me and says:  “She just wants to go first”   Remember, David speaks very loudly.

The nurse comes out and says:  “Shirley, you are next.”

Shirley says,  “No, this lady has to go first. She has an emergency.”

David decides to tell me the story of his life.  Retired for 15 years, 2 sons, married, does volunteer work……..

Shirley picked up on the volunteer work and said, “David:  Would you be interested in volunteering to take a lovely lady to her appointments?  She can’t drive and we need someone to fill in on occasion.”

David looks at me and says, “What do you think?  Should I do it or will I regret it?”

At that moment another patient strolled up to the “machine”, tap, tap, tapping.   Her husband was with her and said, “Throw out this $%%@2%@ machine.”

This time the nurse came out and helped her.

David says, in a loud voice, “Why didn’t she help me?  She hollered at me.”

I was laughing so hard that I almost didn’t hear the mean old nurse call my name.

I go in for the blood work,  and notice David walking in.  He waves to me.

I leave, drive to the pharmacy and guess who pulls up next to me?

It’s David.

He says,  “Do you think I did the right thing, volunteering?”

I said, “It was a very nice gesture.

We were in line at the pharmacy and guess what?  Another machine, to tap and sign.

This time I didn’t wait for David to sign in.

I was laughing too hard.





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