The geese are back.

What do they find so fascinating with the parking lot at work?

There they were, today, on schedule, as they are every year, squawking and hissing and fighting with every car that dared to enter their space.

It is comical, how they stand in the middle of the road, and stop traffic.

I always get a good laugh when I park the car, and see them waddling towards me.

I carry on a conversation with them. It’s always the same:  “Hey guys, you sure are frisky this morning.  It’s just me, the Chicken Butt.  Can we come to an understanding?  I need to get into work.  You are blocking the way.  Look!  Over there !  It is Pat.  Go get her guys!”

We understand one another, the geese and I.  I speak goose fluently.

I run into the building while Pat is pecked to near death.

The mating season begins.

It will continue for 30 days or so, while father goose keeps watch over his bride and unborn, challenging all who approach the sacred nest.

A lone goose, day and night, in sunlight and rain storms, vigilant in his mission to protect and preserve his family, never faltering.

So, here we go again.

We will endure the geese and they will put up with us until their young ones are born, and within 24 hours of birth, they will be gone.

Another whimsical, marvelous, wondrous act of life, and nature, just waiting to be experienced, in the parking lot.







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