I thought I might have to stay home today, on the first day of spring.

A rare late March snow storm.

Ok. So now what?

It isn’t snowing at 6am.

I am going to work.

A nice ride.

Not much traffic, no snow, such a lovely morning.

Decided to check the weather at 9am.

Oh oh. Heavy snow.

Like a little kid, I had to check it out.

I decided to brush the snow off the car.

At 11am,3 inches.

At 1pm, another 2 inches.

At 230pm, a half inch more.

I marched back into work, after each brushing, full of energy and soaking wet.

There is something addicting about being outside in the snow.

No wonder dogs and kids love it.

It was time to make a decision:  Can I make it home tonight? Should I consider plan B?  Book a hotel, have a nice meal and lay around like a safe beached whale?

I decide to go home.

Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

3 hours after I make it home, the snow is still falling.

The door bell rings.   My nephew and his 4 boys.

We giggle and laugh and ride out the storm.

I hope they stay all weekend.

There is something about a house full of teenagers  that makes the first day of spring the best day of the year.

When they left, the snow turned into rain.

And winter turned into spring.



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