“Well, what a wonderful day this was, Minnie.”

“What happened?”

“I had my review, and I am so awesome that I can hardly stand myself.”

“What, may I ask, is so damn awesome about an old chicken butt, with a big mouth and an opinion on everything?  And I might add, a penchant for stirring up nonsense, just to get a reaction from your cube mates?”

“Hey.  I have to tell you one thing.  Erica is getting married.  And the 4 of us are going to be her bridesmaids. Now what is the question?”

“What on earth does this have to do with your review?”

“Nothing, and everything. You see, the 5 of us in the back room are extraordinarily gifted.  Take Pat, for example.  The Pope has thrown in her name for sainthood.  She is the modern Joan of Arc.  She takes the sword, and loves it. On Friday, which, by the way, is Italian day, she will arrive at least an hour early, in rare martyrdom form, so she can leave  at noon to pick up Italian food at Mama’s restaurant.  And, by the way, she will be wearing a rose colored dress in Erica’s wedding.”


“Yeah.  Same color as her glasses.”

“I am surprised that the Beaver did not interject her 2 cents.”

“Oh that she did.  You see, she poo pooed my theory that Davey Jones died from eating a banana while swinging from a tree.”

“Who is Davey Jones?”

“OMG.  Come on, Minnie.  The Monkeys?  Hello?”

“So just what is the Beav wearing to E’s wedding?”

“She isn’t sure she wants to go to the wedding, unless Erica changes her mind and will allow booze.”

“How does Barb fit into this?”

“Barb refuses to go unless we all wear purple and do our “what is love” act, while she wears a star on her hind end.”

“What the hell?”

“Moving right along to Candis, she has decided that she will ditch the princess act, wear a  sexy red dress and carry a wounded chocolate Easter Rabbit, filled with booze, as she walks down the aisle with the back room brides’ mates.”

“And what about you?”

“Me?  Oh hell, I told Erica that my review was awesome.  And if she wanted to get married, she was absolutely crazy, but we love her anyway, and could she please listen to some  classic rock, including the Who, and their stellar performance of Mama’s got a squeeze box, before she makes her final decision.”

“You know, Wolf, you make absolutely no sense.”

“Yeah, I know.  But, hey, listen:  Did I mention?  I had an awesome review today.”



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