Drove up to work.

The geese were in the parking lot.

2 of them, both standing on one leg.

I couldn’t resist talking to them:  “Who the heck do you think you are?  A flamingo?  A stork?  A crane?  A one legged albatross?”

No response, but it set my tone for the day.

No matter who I ran into, I had to ask, “Who am I?” as I stood on one leg and squawked.

Actually, the geese were a lot more positive and amusing than my cube mates.

Who is in a bad mood on a Friday?


Everyone in my immediate vicinity.

“I really don’t want to be here today.”

“I am so tired.”

“Another week is ending….. one less week to work before retirement.”

“What about you Wolf?  When do you plan to retire?”

“Oh let’s see.  I don’t think it will be today.  And maybe not next week, or next month, but it could be.  However, it hasn’t happened yet, so I might as well enjoy today.”

“You are the only person who really enjoys working, Wolf.  What is wrong with you?”

“Insanity, of course. I have an insane sense that everything I do is important, and makes a difference.  I am a whack job, delusional and misguided.   I get a kick out of interacting with people.  And I am silly as a goose.”

“Is that why you are standing on one leg?”

“Oh?  Am I?  Geez, thanks for noticing.  I was wondering why I suddenly had the urge to run outside, to sit in the middle of the parking lot, and to hiss and stick out my tongue.   Oops, I can’t go right now.  I have a voice mail message listen to this:”

“Hey, Wolf, It’s me, Ralphie from the ASS Insurance Company, in North Dakota.  It’s snowing here, but who cares?  It is gonna be 68 degrees tomorrow.  Haha.  I hear you  have had a much worse winter out there in the North East.  I hope you have a great weekend and don’t drink too much wine.  You know I will. By the way, I forget why I called you.  I guess I picked the wrong week to quit drinking.  I am half in the bag now, but don’t tell anyone.  hahahah.   Let me know when you can fly up here to see me….. on your broom.  See ya.”

“What the hell kind of call was that, Wolf?”

“A typical Friday call from one of the sales offices.”

“Geez, you sure have a crazy relationship with your clients.”

“Yeah, I do.  And I love it.”

“How do you get these great accounts?”

“I don’t know, but I always seem to get them.”

“You must be outrageously lucky.”

“That I am, that I am.”






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