“When you sit down each night to write your blog, do you know what you are going to write about?”

“Nope. I just start writing and let it happen.”

“Don’t you think you would be more successful if you had an outline or a plan of what you are trying to accomplish?”

“What?  And ruin my fun and relaxation?  If you want a structured, well thought out blog, go for it.  I prefer a hodge podge of nonsensical ramblings.  It soothes my soul and rattles my funny bone.”

“Are the stories you tell truthful?”

“There is a hint of truth to them, yes.”

“Are the people real?  Or imaginary?”

“Look, Minnie, do you think I could make up these people?  They are living, breathing people who exist among us, and who bring laughter, joy and craziness to the world.”

“What about me?  Do I exist?”

“Of course you do.  You are the monkey on my back, the devil’s advocate, the nagging voice in my head, the straight man, the protagonist and the scape goat.  You are like the holy ghost.  You exist, but in a spiritual way.”

“So I am just a figment of your imagination, right?”:

“More or less.  I prefer to think of you as my alter ego.”

“Doesn’t it bother you to carry on a conversation with an imaginary being?”

“It’s my blog.  When I get tired of your remarks, I cut you off.”

“I think it is kind of sad, your blog.  It really has no theme, no purpose, no photos, no bells nor whistles.   It is mostly a dialogue that you have in your head every night after consuming a few glasses of wine.”

“You want to hear the saddest part, Minnie?”


“You don’t exist until I have my second glass of wine.”

“Well!  Of all the…..”

“Yup.  Minnie, you are a drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one.”







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