Ever had a day when you felt something was just a little off?

You don’t exactly feel bad, but you are not up to your game,

A nagging ambivalence infests your day.

You don’t have your usual enthusiasm and drive.

Worry sets in.

You think about your mortality.

It snows on a spring day.

You don’t have any plans for Easter.

Should I buy a ham?

Why?  I am not exactly fond of ham.

Who says ham and Easter go together?

I resolve to find the most outrageous Easter basket, loaded with chocolate and eat it all.

My cat is at the door.

He has been out all day, sleeping in the snow, on a spring day.

I remember:  He likes ham.

Ok, Buddy, come on in.  Let’s talk about life.

Want me to pick up a ham for Sunday?

He smiles.

Not really.  Cats don’t really smile.

He winks at me.

Not really.  Cats don’t wink.

I think to myself, I am having conversations with a cat who doesn’t smile and doesn’t wink, and you know what?  I was having an off day.  I was not feeling quite up to par.  But seeing this cat, imagining him winking and smiling at me after a long day, is enough to get my back on my game.

The cat slinks toward the bed, my bed.

I ask him, “Hey,  how was your day, anyway?”

He ignores me and curls up in the blankets.

And when I turn out the lights, and climb into bed, he extends his paw and touches me on my arm.

And we both smile.

And wink.

And resolve to have a better day tomorrow.






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