It’s Good Friday.

Here we are working.

Do you remember when Good Friday used to be a holiday?

The family would go to church at noon.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

Mom would make sure we had our Easter outfits ready for Sunday:  White gloves, black patent leather shoes, a new floral dress and a bonnet.

We had not had any candy for 6 weeks, but we knew there would be a basket with chocolate coconut eggs, jelly beans and peeps.

On Sunday, the church would be decorated with white flowers, replacing the purple draperies covering the stations of the cross.

We experienced the birth, suffering, death and resurrection, a yearly and age old tradition.

Good Friday, holy Saturday and Easter Sunday:  The 3 days that formed our faith.

In 2015, most of us worked today.

It is not a national holiday.

It is not a day that most companies designate as a “floating” holiday.

Most of us will celebrate Easter with a ham, and sweet potatoes.

Some of us will go to church.

Easter baskets will be on sale on Monday.

Here comes Peter Cottontail.

And as I think back on my childhood, I am so grateful that my mother is not here, to see what Easter, and I have become.







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