“Drum roll…… How was your Monday, Wolf?”

“I was hoping for a reprieve, but it didn’t happen.  However, I was very impressed with the way I was treated, as a patient.  There must have been hundreds, if not thousands of patients who were at the hospital this morning, and I must say, I felt that my health issues were addressed in a professional, caring way.  So, a few more tests will be scheduled, and I feel confident the doctors will find a way to get me back on the road to craziness.”

“What time did you show up at work?”

“About 1130am.  And when I sat down, at my desk, I noticed an Easter Basket on my desk….. and six hidden eggs.  A note was included in the basket. It was a nostalgic note, one that immediately brought me around to my childhood. The special time when my Mother took me shopping for my special Easter dress, with black patent leather shoes, white socks and a pretty floral hat.”

“So who is this illusive Easter Rabbit?”

“Oh, that is not to be revealed, Minnie.  The Rabbit, just like Santa appears throughout the year, always bearing special gifts to those who are loved.  The gifts are often unexpected, and always magical.  Those gifts can be a smile, a cookie, a bottle of wine, a wink, a laugh, but always a surprise.”

“How do you ever repay those special gifts?”

“Imitation Minnie.  That is the key to life and happiness.  Think about others and who might need an Easter Basket in May or in December. And reciprocate.”

“Whoever your Rabbit is, Wolf, must have known that an egg or two would do wonders for you.”

“It did Minnie.  And you know what?  I will always love that rabbit, for how she made me feel,  today, and every day, and on this Easter day, 2015.”





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