Highlights of a rainy Wednesday:

No matter what time of the day, or night, the geese are awake in the parking lot, at work.

Heart arrhythmia?  Schedule an echo cardiogram.  Not one beat missed.

If you like to eat card board or chip board, have a hot pocket for lunch.

If you wear a yellow outfit 3 days after Easter, you just might be compared to a peep.

Bring a book with you when you have a medical appointment or a tax appointment.

And if you are goofy enough to schedule both of those appointments on the same rainy Wednesday, you are an idiot.

If you have 2 cats in the house, who see a mouse walk by, and do nothing, do you have the 2 laziest cats in the world?  Or the world’s smartest mouse.

Have a hot fudge sundae with nuts, whipped cream and a cherry for supper.  Heavenly.

Watch out for short people who throw rubber bricks.

And if you are a “raving” or is it a “raven” lunatic, beware of the dude wearing sunglasses at night, chirping, “Nevermore.”








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