“Hey, Wolf, how come no blog last night?”

“Uhm, I had a flat tire?”

“Oh for crazy.”

“The cat needed brushing?”

“What kind of excuses are these?”

“I ate 2 dunkin donuts and fell asleep?”

“You can do better than that.”

“Ok, here’s the scoop:  I had nothing to say.  I didn’t feel like writing and I was a lazy bum. How does that sound?”

“Pitiful.  Since when do you have nothing to say?  Your feeble excuses don’t cut it.”

“Excuses never do cut it.  Let’s say you are late for work.  The traffic was bad.  You woke up late.  You forgot your laptop.  You ran out of gas.  You forgot to put on your pants.  Does any of that really matter?”

“What do you mean?”

“Bottom line: You are late for work.  So, who cares why.  You just are.  Instead of trying to think of a half assed reason, isn’t it sufficient to admit you are late?”

“What’s that got to do with not writing your blog last night?”

“I could give you a dozen different excuses, and the question would still exist:  Why?  And sometimes there is no answer for why.  It just happens.  The outcome remains the same.”

“By the way, we are invited to a birthday party today.  Are you going?”


“Why not?  What’s your excuse?”

“I have other plans.”

“What other plans?”

“Secret plans.  None of your beeswax.  I ain’t going.  Besides, I declined the invitation last week. I hope you enjoy yourself at the party.  Have fun.”

“But I don’t feel like going either.  What excuse can I make up?”

“It won’t make any difference.  Either you go or you don’t go.  And if you don’t go, it won’t matter what reason you give.  No one will care about that. They will care that you didn’t show up when you said you would.”

“Well, when I got the invitation, I just couldn’t say no.”

“Funny, isn’t it Minnie?  Saying no seems to be the most difficult thing to say, for some of us.  But once we learn to do that, there is no need to make excuses.   No guilt, no worries, no wild and crazy excuses, just freedom to say yes to those things we really want to do.”





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