Friday night.

Hello weekend.

Pour me a stiff one.

Thinking about the past week.

My my, hey hey.

3 kittens born on a rainy day.

2 will make it, one will not.

Hey hey, my my.

Please don’t ask me to tell you why.

Some of us live, others die.

Hey, you out there:  Yes, you.

Get it on.  Bang a gong.

Have a blast.

Make it last.

Relax, don’t do it, when you wanna go to it.

Once upon a time a girl with moonlight in her eyes
Put her hand in mine and said she loved me so
But that was once upon a time, very long ago

Frank is gone, the 3rd kitty is gone, but you and I are still around.

So let’s keep dancing.

Let’s break out the booze and have a ball.

If that’s all there is.

Can somebody please tell me what the “hello kitty” life is all about?

If you fall, I will be waiting……








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