You know it is finally spring when….

The cats run to the windows, as soon as you open them.

The neighbors are riding their horses.

It is the first time you have used the AC in your car.

Thoughts turn to outdoor grilling.

You can’t wait to put away your winter clothes.

A lone tulip blooms in your yard, having survived the squirrel attack of last fall.

The birds are noisier.

That, which was sleeping, is slowly coming alive.

Warmth replaces the bitter cold of winter.

Trees are budding.

Grass is growing.

Spring:  the gentle season, the season of rebirth.

Spring:  The pastels abound after the dark, naked and dismal colors of winter.

Soon the hot flaming colors of summer will be here.

Only to give way to the rich, mature colors of autumn.

I love the spring.

It has a special meaning to me.

It is nature’s way of starting over, of giving birth and of hope for the future.

And so life goes.

The seasons of a life, of a year, of a nation, of a civilization, are forever changing.

But somehow, every year, in the spring, our dreams of peace, love, warmth and happiness surface once again.

And we dream, and imagine what could be, in the magical season of spring.








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