I get a kick out of things that are posted on facebook.

I was a royal princess in a former life. What were you?  Take this quiz and let your friends know.

Here is a pic of the mac and cheese I made for dinner.  It was fabulous, and it came from a box.

A mysterious rant is another one of my favs:  I am done, fed up.  I will no longer be a doormat.  You know who you are, you dirt ball. If you were really a friend, you would call me.

I lost my job.  My husband is missing.  I have no groceries.  I chipped one of my nails.  I ran out of wine.  I have decided facebook is a waste of time.  Nothing but depressing people on it.

A spider bit me on my leg.  My leg blew up. I went to the ER.  Here are photos of my leg, in the ER during surgery, in the recovery room and several which I have taken at home, as I am changing the bandages.  Hope you enjoy.

Taco Bell is giving away a million dollars.  Just click “I love Taco Bell” on facebook and your check will arrive next week.   This is a true story. I clicked and now I am a millionaire.

I bet you will not repost this, you coward.   Only those who believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy will have the guts to post this.  I will be watching your time line to see if you posted, by the way.  And if not, you are dead to me.

For you:  A good luck 4 leaf clover.  Send it to 135 people and watch what will happen on your computer.  Do not break this chain, or you will experience ramifications.

Hey, it’s raining!

Facebook:  What a hoot it can be!







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