April 21, 2015:  Coworkers in a strange land.

You might as well face it, when you work, it is all about location.

If you sit by 4 other screwballs, you tend to take on their characteristics.

And that brings me to what I overheard today:

“How does one know if a hard boiled egg was bad?  Is it because it tasted funny and made me nauseous?  Never mind that I ate a pint of feta cheese on a sliced avocado, prior to eating the bad egg.”

“Tomorrow is the day.  I will be a mess.  My baby gets his balls cut off.  He will probably hate me forever.  What?  My son?  No, you idiot, my dog.”

“My daughter:  She reminds me so much of our E.  Two of a kind.  I lovingly tell E that she and my daughter are so much alike.  (wink wink)  Drama queens, both of them.  Oh oh, here comes E now.  Watch her say it is so hot in here, it must be 1000 degrees.”

“Oh M G.  Mother of God.  (phone rings)  What do you want from me?  That’s it.  I quit.  Shut up Miranda. Shut up Candis. Shut up Pat. Shut up Carol.  O M G.  I am out of lettuce. It is so hot in here, it must be 5000 degrees.”

“Quiz time:  Who am I?

Director of all things, omnipotent and bossy.

Pollyanna, who recently cut her bangs and is now contemplating cutting other things…..Poor doggie.

Long suffering, martyrdom, quoting Mother Theresa, as she takes the sword.

A marked woman, living in Bethlehem, the village with no lettuce, no parking spaces, heavy snow squalls and illegal cookie sales.

And finally, an aged bar fly, an innocent bystander, a soon to be canonized saint, and a candidate for medical marijuana.

What a wonderfully magical logistical miracle!

5 totally different people, who will always maintain their own identities.

And celebrate the differences, in one another.

It makes every day a special day.

Let’s see what tomorrow will bring.





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