What kind of a week was it?

You decide.

Started out on a happy note, Monday, 420, my birthday.  What?  That’s not my birthday?  It is now.  I have officially changed it.  If Bruce can change his gender, and if Erica can change her mind about our team building meeting, I can change my birthday.  I celebrated by eating white pizza and german choclolate cake. And had 3 doubles on the way home.

Then the disintegration began.

One day, an iceburg.  Sinking the ship.

The next day:  The Hindenburg: Crashing on the corn fields of rural Pennsylvania.

And finally, the A bomb,(fat boy) exploded, releasing the kind of havoc that forced me to drink 3 doubles every night of the week.

Oh the joys of deadlines.

There is truth in Robert Burns’ writing:  “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

I guess no matter if you are a mouse or a man, things can get hosed up.

And they did.

Naturally, this mouse adapted as best she could, and put a bandage on the wounds, limping home after the war.

And keeping in the spirit of the week, I crashed early. The crash happened at 830pm on Friday night, after, of course, 3 doubles.

Saturday morning:

To market to market to catch a fresh pig.  Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Not wanting to reflect on anything that would cause me to inflict additional pain on my brain, I decided it would be best to get some rest, and immediately took a snooze.

When I returned to consciousness, it was Sunday.

The usual chores awaited me.

I gently declined.  Actually, I violently declined, and stayed in my pajamas eating chocolate covered pistachios and tacos.

I vow to do something worthwhile tonight, like watching reruns of forensic files, while laying in bed like a beached whale.

When I get to work tomorrow, I can hear it now:  “How was your weekend, Wolf? Did you do anything exciting?”

And I will smile, wink and say, “Let’s just say it was a wild one.”

And so my reputation will remain intact:  A crazy wild lunatic partying her ass off all weekend.

After all, it was my birthday.










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