Tick tock

Tick tock

The minutes and hours of the last day of the month.

An extremely busy day, in the work place.

Last day for billing.

Reports are due.

Tie up the loose ends.

Take inventory.

Stressful time.

The phone rings.

The emails start.

The demands escalate.

We are all on pins and needles.

Priorities clash.

Tensions mount.

We lash out at those around us.

We hear the contempt in our voices as we tell our customers we just can’t do it.

We feel overwhelmed.

We are no longer in control.

And then came a spider and sat down beside her, eating her curds and whey.

Wait.  That was some other fairy tale, wasn’t it?

And then it dawns on you.

I am the walrus, I am the egg man, I am popeye the sailor man, and I am taking myself too seriously.

Slowly, we shed the mask, the shield and the sword, and start to smile.

I love alliteration, by the way.

There is nothing like a wink, a twinkle, and a wild idea to spark the fire of inspiration within us.

As they say, you can’t start a fire without a spark, not to mention dancing in the dark. But that is another fairy tale.

Nevertheless, we give up control, as we gain control.

And we learn a valuable lesson on the last day of the month.

A problem is only a problem until you find a solution.

And then it disappears into thin air, as you hear the words:  Here she comes again.  She’s dancing neath the starry skies.

It’s raining.

You leave work.

You sing:  Dancing with myself….

You notice your bare feet.

You put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

You drive out of the parking lot and see six new born geese.

And they are dancing, in the rain, on this last day of April, 2015.




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