“I think phones with cameras should be banned from bars, Minnie, especially when I am there.”

“I saw the photos, Wolf. Quite a sight to behold.  I could tell from the glazed look on your face that you were 3 sheets to the wind.”

“Make it 4 sheets, Minnie.”

“It looks like you did it again, acting like a complete idiot, pretending you know everyone who walks through the door, insisting they talk to you.”

“Why not? Do you think I will ever run into these people again in my lifetime?  I just got into the minute and went slightly wacky.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t throw you the hell out.”

“They tried but my derby hat, a chicken with roses, scared the hell out of them.  I mentioned that my chicken was alive,  had a mean streak and if his wine glass happened to get empty, there is no telling what he might do.”

“Let me ask:  You didn’t get into dancing again, did you?”

“Of course not. But the chicken did.  And I had to follow him around the dance floor, as he went from table to table, bothering the patrons.  Remind me never to bring him along again, Minnie.”

“You act like that celebration was all about you.  The party was for the troops, and for all they do for our country.  Couldn’t you have behaved yourself for one night?  For the cause?  With some dignity?”

“I will have you know that I was the most dignified old bag at the event.”

“That is highly doubtful.  Take a look at those photos.  Who are those people with you?”

“I don’t have the foggiest idea, Minnie.  But if you noticed, they all wanted their pictures taken with this old chicken butt.”

“Seems to me you wandered into every photo op and acted like a complete idiot, as usual.”

“Ok, so go ahead, ask me.  Go ahead, ask.  Ask me Minnie.”


“Ask me if I had a good time.”

“Well, did you?”

“It was a blast.  I had a great time.  I only wish I had left that damn chicken butt at home.  He went absolutely wild.”




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