She’s been missing now for 8 hours.

Puff Daddy.

The cat who was thrown out of a car, in a plastic bag.

The cat with a hole in her heart.

The cat who the doctors said would not live to see another year.

“Don’t expect much from this cat”, they said.  “She is very sick.  Most likely, she will be lethargic and lay around most of the time.”

She will be in and out of heat. Can you handle it?  She can’t endure an operation.  She will die. Do not let her go outside.  She will be a burden to you.

Yeah.  She was a burden all right.  She was hell on wheels.  Crazy for 8 years.  And wild as her owners.

Where is that little runt?

I rang the bells on her toys.

No response.

Fed her.


She is gone.


After these 8 years of terroristic behavior, did her heart give out?

Puff Daddy?  Did you go to your final hiding place?

Did you leave us?

Oh how we love you, PD.

Thank you for the years of happiness and joy you gave us.

And in the silence, and sadness, we grieve for a 5 lb cat, with a hole in her heart, who lived beyond her years, who beat the odds.

And who gave us the courage and resolve to live our lives despite our weaknesses.

And in the end, no fanfare, no drum roll, no drama.

Just a gentle reminder that happiness and joy is a gift.

A cat, with a huge tail and a bad heart:  A role model for all of us:

Live, love, laugh and go wild.

There will never be another like you.





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