Can you ever go back?


To a time long ago?

Will things be the same?

Do you expect them to be?

40 years later

And a life time of living in another place

In many places

In another time

Who are these people?

Do you know them?

Do they know you?

I am a native, displaced, disoriented, disjointed.




Oh if only.

But I have come back

To celebrate the shores of the big lake

To say goodbye to my sibling

To toast to the past

To slip in and out

Of my roots.

And to return to the life I have chosen.

It’s only fitting that I have returned

After all these years

In honor of the things that I have loved

And those that have loved me.

Can we ever go home?

Of course we can.

But only for a moment or two.

And then we move on.

With wonderful memories of things that were and might have been.





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