“I hate to burst your bubble, Wolf, but it is gonna be mighty chilly in Minnesota while you are up there visiting.”

“What? Like below zero or what?”

“No, in the 50s. You better pack your winter woolies.”

“Yumpin Yelliebeans, Minnie, Ya, you betcha, Uf da!”

“I see you haven’t forgotten the lingo, after all these years.  I bet your accent will return as soon as you start yapping with the natives.”

“Quite possibly, and I can’t wait to taste walleye pike again, and lefse, and Sammy’s pizza and Coney Island hot dogs.  It will be my return to my rootin tootin roots and all the comfort foods of my younger days.”

“I hope you will be somewhat restrained and conservative.”

“Are you kidding? There is nothing restrained about Minnesotans and they happen to be very liberal.  They love to have a good time, hardly ever get dressed up, and they like a stiff drink now and then.”

“I thought the Northland was all about the outdoors. You know, hiking and boating and camping and fishing.”

“Yeah, well, it is, but not this trip, Minnie.  I need to kick back, enjoy the scenery, get reacquainted with my family and act like a goof.”

“Any specific plans?”

“Yeah.  To get there, to see what’s happening and to do whatever feels good.”

“Oh for dumb.  What kind of trip is that?”

“The best kind, Minnie.  But you say it will only be in the 50s, eh?”

“Eh? You aren’t there yet, but you are talking goofy, like you are there.”

“You betcha Minnie. Oh ya, ya know.   By the way, do you want to come with?”






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