“A bumble bee was in my car.

I told him he better not sting me.

He laughed and said, “I am all powerful, I am omnipotent, I am the reason you buy insurance.  You see, I am the possibility of a rare event.  I might land on you and strike.  But the odds are that I won’t. Are you really allergic to my bite?”

I try to reason with him while I wildly flay my arms in the air.

He smiles and says, “I am only the catalyst.  As you try to avoid me, you will crash your car.  Do you have auto insurance?”

“Hey, wait a minute.  Are you saying that your bark is worse than your bite?”

“I don’t live to bite.  But I will if I land on you.  You are, after all, somewhat larger than I. And you are, of course, driving with your window open.  Did you know that bees fly into open windows?  We are a rarity:  Bumble bees are not ergonomically supposed to fly.  But we do.  And we do bite, when we land on you when you leave your window open.”

“Hey, bee, can you just fly away?  Can we live in peace?  Have a truce? Co exist?  Have a drink together at 5pm?”

“All I want to do is have some fun, flying from flower to flower and biting the #W%#%#% out of anyone who interferes with my routine, or those who entice me with an open window.”

“Can man and bee ever come to an understanding , a treaty, a coalition of nature?”

“Don’t be an ass, Wolf.  Nature is what nature does.  Buy your insurance. Close your car windows.  Do you think that you will control what happens to the creatures of this universe?  Unless, of course, you destroy all of us?”

“I just want to live in peace and harmony, bee. But I don’t want to get stung.”

“You are an idiot, Wolf.  If your life is all about peace and harmony, you might as well, be a gerbil.  It’s not about how you feel peace and harmony, it’s about how many times you ventured out, got stung, and survived.”

“Ok, Bee, go ahead, sting me.”

“No, Wolf. Not tonight.  But remember, I could be just around the corner, waiting for you to feel you are above reproach.  Let your guard down, and let nature run its course.  I just might be the bee in your open window.”

“But will you?  Will you do it?  Sting?”

“I am a Bee. I sting.  Of course I will. And will you buy insurance?”



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