“Hello friends.

I have been out of commission, on a trip to the end of the earth.

Have you missed me?

If not, it’s ok.

I was bonding with those who never did think I was a sane person.

And … well, these last 4 or 5 days have proved,  without a doubt, that I am a bona fide idiot.

Can one ever go home again?

Hypothetical:  You are old.  You need to say good bye to your sister, after her death , in your home town.  You have not been in touch with the family for a number of years.

Why not?

Never ask me why.

I just know that my life revolves around whatever is immediate.

Hey Margie!  I am really angry with you for dying.

I have one sister and one brother left.

My older sister is insane.

My younger brother is missing.

From a family of 7, we are now reduced to a family of 3, a missing  brother, an insane sister and a chicken butt.

Ok, so now we move forward.

I hear that my brother is in Canada, avoiding the draft.

And my older sister still thinks she is hotter than I am.

You know what?

Who cares?

I relinquish any rights to being hot.

The word around town is:  She still works?

What the heck does she do?

Is she really married? Or is she delusional?  Can someone please take her out back, and let the sea gulls eat her nuts.  Hey everyone, I had a conversation yesterday, with my sister in law,.  We talked for several minutes, before she turned to me and said  “May I ask?  Who the hell are you?”

And in a twinkling of an eye, I said: “I am nobody.  Who are you? Are  you nobody too?”

Out of the sky,  an albatross appeared and winked at me.

“Oh Chicken B., did you know that life is only an illusion?”

“I just wanted to go home, that’s all.”

And the albatross laughed, while he offered me a choice: ” Go back? Or go forward? It’s up to you .”

“I loved my life then. And I love my life now.  I think I will keep going on my journey, while honoring my roots. But don’t ask me to give up my chicken butt hat, You are an imaginary creature, giving me advice? I think I will have another bloody mary.   And continue on with my life, reliving my past and pondering my future and wondering, always wondering :  What the heck is this all about?”

“Do you think you will find the answer?”

“Well, no one has found the answer yet.  The dead stay dead. And those who live?  At least for now? LIve.  Love. Laugh. Go back, reflect on your roots, You will still be you.”

“So, do you miss your sister, Margie?

“Did you have to ask me that?  Can we talk about the  Belmont stakes or the Duluth Trading Company?  or the price of oil in the gulf?


“What is it about Margie that you won’t comment about?

:”Ok, here it goes  :Clothes hangin\g on the line, in the back yard, on Glenwood Street.


..Margie and My coming home from Chicago with baby Michael in a blanket.

Miscarries,and Margie never complained.

Finally a girl!

3 boys and Sue.

Michael is dead at 22,

I wake up and curse the singing birds.

Did you escape the torture when you moved to Arizona?

Did you come back to Lake Superior to live or to die?

The lake?  She never gives up her dead.

Bye bye, miss American pie.

My little Margie.

I love you.






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