“Hey, last day of vacation, Wolf.  What you doing?”

“Taking the bullet.”

“What the hell?”

“The silver bullet. 3rd one.   But who’s counting?”

“Are you ready to settle down, get serious and get back to work?”

“Oh yeah.  Definitely.”

“Somehow that doesn’t ring of sincerity.”

“You should know better than to ask a ridiculous question like that.  However, I am looking forward to my usual routine.  I am a simple woman, with a strict sense of discipline and sobriety.   I love getting up at dawn knowing that my presence at the office will inspire others to be professional and restrained.”


“Besides, I missed the Beaver, the grouch and the drama queen.  But not Candis.  She is dead to me.”

“What?  Why?  You can’t mean that about Candis.”

“I will let you in on a little secret, Minnie.  Candis has decided the back room crowd is a little raunchy for her taste.  She is moving on up, to get a slice of the corporate pie.  She is leaving us with an empty desk and a few million accounts to cover.  Dead, Minnie.  But at least when Karissa makes her taco salad, Candis won’t get any.”

“Oh for crazy!”

“So, tomorrow starts another chapter in my life.  No more drinking before noon. No more late nights.  No more talking to strangers.  No more acting like an idiot.”

“Who are you kidding?”

“Ok, I am modifying my chapter:  I won’t drink before noon, at least not until Saturday.  And to hell with the rest.”

“Way to go.  Now that’s the Wolf I know.”

“You know what Minnie?  Vacations are great.  But so is every day life.  Good bye vacation.  See you on the flip flop.  Until then, don’t expect me to be anything but a free range chicken, celebrating the spring and summer of 2015.”




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