“Ok, Wolf, you seem to have settled down considerably since your trip to Minnesota. Do you think your family was happy to see you?”

“Well, I can’t say for sure, but I truly enjoyed seeing them.  I decided it was time for the real Chicken B. to emerge from the shadows, to let my feathers fluff up and to let those goofs see who or what I have become.”

“You mean you wanted to show off?  That you are a wild success out here, in the boon docks of Pennsylvania, living like a queen?”

“Yeah, right.  Actually, Minnie, I didn’t get into that kind of conversation or game playing.  It was just too much fun being crazy, and laughing with my sister, nieces, nephews, in laws and of course, the many male admirers who tend to flock around a hot cougar.”

“Oh for crazy!”

“I relaxed, put on my best chicken hat and for once, honestly, lived in the moment, enjoying every single minute of those 4 days. I think it was the right amount of time to be back home.  Minnesotans can take only so much mania.  And the sum of my life is quite similar to a familiar scene:  A manic Monday.”

“Were they surprised that you got so old?  And that you are still working? And that you still disappear when they are trying to find you?”

“Yeah. I could see them sneaking looks at me, as I swizzled another drink, and laughed hysterically at my own jokes.”

“You miss your family, don’t you?”

“I did.  But after my vacation, I know they are all doing well, and enjoying their lives.  And I have a sense of peace after saying my final goodbye to my sister, Margie, the Village Idiot.”

“That is not funny, Wolf.  What if Margie knew you said that?”

“She would smile and order another screw driver, put on her green wig, crochet a blanket and make cabbage rolls, with cocoa and toast for dessert.”

“How can you mention such ordinary things about the life of your wonderful sister?”

“Because that is how she lived her life:  simple, fun, giving and friendly.”

“Is that how you will remember her?”

“Of course, but then I have an ace up my sleeve.  I have her favorite T shirt.   Susie, her daughter, gave it to me.  Guess what it says?”


“Village Idiot.   It is my inheritance and Margie’s legacy.  You know what, Minnie?  I think I will wear it on my next trip to Minnesota.  And when no one is looking, I will drive up to Calvary Cemetery and dance on her grave, and toast to her life with a screw driver.”






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