Quotes from the week of May 25, 2015:

I am in an aircast at Shady Maple. And yes, there are stairs.  But Jess is carrying me down to the gift shop to buy feta cheese and weed.

My wiener dogs are humping.  What? Yes, they are both male. Why?  Dominance.  Huh?  After all, they are wieners.

Hold on Emmaus.  The earth will be shaking and quaking, at 11:43 tomorrow morning.

I need to buy a b’zillion bananas this weekend. I am babysitting Gabe.

Jackie?  Sophia?  Is it really your last day? Can we discuss? Can you reconsider?

I should have known that an active hive is a wild hive, motivated by a blonde, blue eyed queen.

Your doctor has moved on.  You are now doctor-less.  You have a couple of major issues.  One:  you are an old goat.  two:  You are getting older.  Three:  You need to go on a strict regimen of healthy living.  Four: Where are you?  What the hell?  Did you stop at the bar again?

A baby is soon to be born.  Heather hopes it is soon.   A baby was just born.  Congrats, to the grands, Snow and George.  A baby is soon to be flown to Allentown.  Hey, Liz and Brian, Enjoy!  Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.  You know what Mammas?  Let them be what they want to be.

It was a very long week, for a short week.

I am taking the long road home next week.

I love NYC.








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