Waited for the earthquake this morning.  11:48am.

I was in my car, driving to the grocery/liquor store when a slight quake hit.

I immediately pulled over into a local establishment’s parking lot.

Luckily, it had just opened.

Hurry!  A double screw driver please.

What’s the hurry, Chicken Butt?

Don’t ask.  Just pour.  Pour me., pour me, pour me another.

The bar started shaking, the room was quaking, and I wasn’t faking.

And then, a bolt of lightning flashed out of the South.

I was blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce,
another runner in the night.

11:49am:  News alert:  CNN:  A rare earthquake occurred in the village of Emmaus PA today at 1148am.  Looters stormed the bakery and ate all the buns.  No one was hurt, but a local woman was seen wearing a raven’s hat and walking her cat in the vicinity of 2nd street, eating a boston cream doughnut.  Her cat was singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

The cat appeared to be normal.












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