June 1, 2015

Bruce is now Caitlyn.

Looking good Cait.

It finally rained in Pennsylvania.

Looking good, grass.

Happy B day, HR Mgr.

Looking good, Bill.

She turned this weekend.

Looking good, MCat.  And thanks for the special beer.


A wonderful little girl named Miriana painted me a picture, to hang on my cube.

Looking good, Miri.

Charlie’s angels will be celebrating his remission.

Looking good, Charlie.

Mucho kisses and hugs from Maddy.

Looking good, BFF. No wonder Oz and Ar are so gorgeous.

What will Jasmarie do? So many choices.

Looking good Jas.

Snow and George? Grand parents?

Oh yeah, looking good, S and G.

Poppy and Prissy are pissed.  Hurry home, Mom.

Looking good, Liz.

Bad moon rising, along with the Beav’s sprain.

Looking tentative, Beav.   Hey not everything can be looking good.

Until tomorrow,

Looking good.

Think about it!

It’s already Tuesday tomorrow!






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