And she said:  “What is life all about?”

He answered: “Let me show you.”

She thought about it and said:  “I don’t want your answer.  I want to find out for myself.”

They separated.

He thought he knew the answer.

She wasn’t so sure.

He married  a girl who believed him.

They had 4 children.

She remained single, pursuing the question.

20 years later, they attended their college reunion.

He was a successful lawyer, with a lovely wife, 4 children, and 12 grands.

They were living the good life.

She had very little material wealth.

She was single, and donated her life and time to those who most needed it.

Those who attended the reunion dismissed her efforts, and applauded his.

They met, at last, 20 years later and he asked her if she was happy.  Had she found the answer?  What is life all about?”

She told him she had the answer.  “Let me show you.”

He laughed and said, “You?  You could have had all this:  a good life, children, grand children and wealth.  A big house, exotic vacations, and all the material things that life has to offer.  But no, not you.  You had to do it your way.  Who are you anyway?”

She said, “It doesn’t matter who I am.  It is what I do that makes the difference, at least to me.”

He said, “Good to see you again. If only…..”

And they parted once again, for the final time.

And at the end of their lives, his funeral was attended by hundreds of admirers.

Hers?  Thousands.




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