Back from the city.

Back to reality.

Back to a Monday at work.

Hey, hey, my, my!

Tornado watch up in the sky.

Get going, girl, get home before the twister.

If you know what’s best for you sister.

Decided to stop and have just one.

When the skies opened up and started the fun.

Make it two, bar keep.

I can’t leave now.

If I ventured outside, I would have a cow.

I left my umbrella in the car.

And now the crowd wants me to dance on the bar.

OK, everyone, let’s make it three.

But then, I have to leave, just set me free.

What’s your name, old girl?  Who are you?

“Chicken Buttafucco, of course.  Are you a chx butt too?”

Time to go home now, in the torrential rain.

Will we see you, CB , again?

Life is funny, my friends.

We might see each other once again.

If we do, or if we don’t, just remember, candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.









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