Best quotes of the past week:

Rubbing alcohol kills everything, said, Mr PCG.   (pest control guy)

Did you really want another double?

What the hell?  That looks like Christi. Who else is that skinny?

I would rather be anywhere, than here, painting.

The American dream:  Mom, pie and the baby, home at last.

I am baking cookies, for my wedding.

Dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant, dead ant.

Ashley?  From Monroe?  How wonderful to meet you at last.  What?  No, I never did work with you, but you are still awesome sauce.

Paige Singerline!  Welcome!

Do you need any help?  Huh?  Oh , no, not that kind of help.

Congratulations, Kimber, on choosing the path to longevity.

Candis?  Candis?  Do we know someone by that name?  She was a low down varmit, who left her goofy friends to fend for themselves.  Oh wait.  Hey Karissa and the Wizard of Oz!   Your  new accounts are calling.

Jazmarie, my little goof.  I wish you well in your new endeavor.  I will miss you, but now I have Stephanie to torture.

In 2 weeks Bob will retire.   Hey, Bob, you old goat, we all wish you the best!

Sitting in a meeting.  Frank saunters in.  Sees me.  Says:  Oh no, nobody told me the chicken butt would be in this meeting. He quotes Joe somebody or other, who supposedly fixed my electrical circuit.  I look perplexed.  He finally realizes that it was not me, but MCat who had Joe fix her circuit. He says:  I get you two mixed up sometimes.  What a hoot.

Can’t wait for next week.

Make it a double, please. On second thought, how about a triple?









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