There they were:  All 12 of them.  Round, blue, and in perfect order.  Each one distanced from one another, 2 inches apart.

She was washing each of them, one at a time.

I had to comment.

What the hell?  You line up your blue berries, giving each one a bath?  And then you eat them?

Her next assignment: The fruit factory.

Next:  She ran out of the rest room.  She was frantic.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I almost fell off the toilet.

Never tell the back room beauties not to tell:  It went viral and now we know who why the toilet seat no longer is intact.  She did it: She rocked the damn seat and it is now loose as hell.  I personally know of 3 people who fell off, after she rocked the Casbah.




Stuck where?

Oh, yeah, the poop plant.

A likely story.

And now she is going home to learn how to spackle.

What’s to learn?

Whip up that spackle, have a glass of wine, while it settles.

Test it on a few holes.

Looking good?

Toast to it.

Just one more glass please.

Oh wait.  I have only 2 chapters left in this wonderful book.

Can I spackle in the morning, spackle in the evening, spackle at supper time?  Be my little spackle and love me all the time.

Then the news came in:  Needed!   A hit man to take out Tara!

Our boss sent a notice: Phase out Tara.  That poor kid.

After all the years of putting up with us, now the boss is considering doing her in.

And the worst part?

Kelly is asking how much to take her out.

Then our princess with the chocolate dog, announced that Cali has perfect aim.

She doesn’t know if she should eat, drink or be merry, when it comes to her bowl.

Oh my! The traffic!  I 78 closed again?

It took Beaver an hour and a half to get home last night.

It took Erica 45 minutes.

And it took the chicken B.  2 1/2 hours.

Guess what?

The chicken butt doesn’t take I 78.






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