It was one of those hot, muggy days.

A day that screamed for comfort:  air conditioning!

Wait a minute.

It’s too cold in here.

I am freezing.

How about you girls? Are you cold?

The responses:

No.  It is 5 billion degrees in here.  Hot as hell.

Yeah. It is freezing in here.  I have to go outside to warm up.

What?  Are you talking to me?  Can’t you see?  Can’t you see?  What that woman, what she been doin’ to me?

I hate summer.  I am moving to Alaska.

Hey, as long as we’re laying it on the line, I cried, the other night, after you all left.

What the hell?  Did you miss us or what?

I cried.  Yes, I cried.  I waited til you all took off, and cried my ass off.

Figures.  You hate to show your true martyr self to us.

We know you wait til everyone is gone and then you go wild, eating those damn dry old pretzels.

OMG! I love those honey mustard pretzels. They are a fundamental staple in the walk of life.

Not as good as these tiny peppers stuffed with feta cheese.

I don’t eat cheese. It is nature’s way of blocking up your heiney.

Not mine. And you know I eat my fair share of cheese.

Can you all do me a favor and shut the hell up?

I can’t shut up.  I am trying to figure out how I will manage 30 accounts tomorrow, now that summer vacations have started.

Quiet down.  Listen to this:  I 78 is blocked.  2 accidents.  Lots of luck getting home.

Wait!  Is today Monday?

Settle down. I need help entering a distribution.

Ok. I can help?  How many addresses?


MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.    7? Is that really a distribution?

Hold on.  The definition of a distribution is more than 1 and less than infinity.

Goodnight, Chet. Goodnight, David.


No, I didn’t expect you to recall those days.

Let’s do it again:

Good night Mrs Calabash wherever you are.


Ok, one more time:  Good night friend.


Oh yeah! Nancy Grace.









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