The 18th day of June, 2015

Some people are happy

Some are sad.

9 people in South Carolina dead.

Donald Trump put his hat in the ring.

2 friends came into work today for the last time.

There is a tropical storm brewing.

The princess is leaving the back room tomorrow.

I listened to a great live performance of Peter Frampton.

Lisa captured our hearts and our attention during a training session today.

From the sublime to the trivial, life went on today.

Just as it does everyday.

Today, however, took my breath away.

The losses outweighed the gains.

Sisters, friends, coworkers, associates:  Here today, gone tomorrow.

A time for meditation.

A time for reflection.

Did we do all we could to enjoy our time together?

Does anyone?

Life is crazy sometimes.

However, whatever happens, we move on.

Surrounded by new opportunities, new people and new choices.

It can be the opening to the fulfillment of our dreams.

However, one last comment from the peanut gallery:

Pat! Don’t you dare forget about us!  Take this opportunity to use your creativity!

And to show us all the way to a healthier life.

I will miss you immensely.





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