Hey, Dad, if you were still here today, I wonder what it would be like.

Would you have an open faced hard boiled egg and lox sandwich with the crust cut off the bread?

I think you would grab your cribbage board, you know the one that no longer has those metal sticks.  No problem, we can use stick matches.

No, Lassie reruns are not on TV today. But if they were, you would be crying at the end of the show.

I suppose you would have to “check the furnace” in the basement.  Hey, Dad, just bring the bourbon upstairs.  I need it more than you do.

You want what for dinner? KFC?   Ok. With mashed potatoes and hot gravy?  Yeah, I know.  Make sure the gravy is hot.

What do you mean your foot itches?  You had your leg cut off several years ago.  The phantom foot still itches?

Mom is no longer here, Pop.  Her heart gave out and she died in her sleep.   I tried to make it home to see her, but she died just before I got there.  But I knew the moment she passed.  The sun set over Lake Superior, in glorious pink and yellow splendor.  It was very peaceful.

Where are the kids?  Well, Bob, Pete, Marge and Tom are no longer on this earth.  It’s only Muz, Jimmy and me left. And I really wonder about Jimmy. He has disappeared from our lives, for the most part, and from what I hear, he is living in Canada with his grade school sweetheart.

Muz?  She has turned into Mom.  And she is happy.

Me?  I am a lot like you Dad.   A real goof.  I like to have a good time, every day.  I moved from Minnesota years ago, and am married to Jimbo, and have 2 cats.  I continue to work.  The reason?  Jimbo and the 2 cats.  hahahahah.

Remember how you used to fall asleep when we would be playing cards?  I would patiently wait for you to play your hand, thinking you were reflecting on your next move and dammit, Dad, you were sleeping.

Unfortunately, your favorite watering hole, The Twins, closed.  So, you and I would have had to find another pub to frequent.  The Vikings might win the super bowl, but I wouldn’t count on it.  But if you were still here, we would definitely get to a Twins game.

It’s Father’s day today, Dad.

The cat’s in the cradle.

The Edmund Fitzgerald is still at the bottom of the lake.

And I miss you.






3 thoughts on “Conversation with my Dad

    1. Hi Rudie,

      Yes, he did, several years ago.

      I hope you keep talking to your Dad, just like I talk to mine.



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