Ok, all you goofs out there.

We survived another Monday.

Do we give Monday a bad rap?

Slinking out of work on a Friday night.

Strutting and smiling.

2 days off, sista, or bro.

Doing our own thing.

Don’t talk to me about Monday until it happens.

Hiss Boom Bah.

Look at me, back at work, after 2 days of freedom.

Yeah, so?  The flooding was bad. My basement is a mess.

Yeah, so? My kid lost his baseball game.

Yeah, so?  I had to cook for 24 people on Father’s day.

Yeah, so?  I took kitty to the vet.  What?  Her meds cost what?

Yeah, so?  My spouse told me I look old.

Yeah, so?

I could not wait to get back to work.

Mondays:  Such a miserable day.

Don’t kid yourself.

Sometimes, Mondays just happen to be the best day of the week.

It is the one day of the week that we all love to hate.

An inevitable, chronic, and one hell of a day of reckoning.

(wink wink)

Hey Goofs, Mondays aren’t the problem.

Think about it.

Would spring be the same without  the winter?

How does the butterfly exist?

Is freedom really free?

Would Fridays be the same if there were no Mondays?





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