“Minnie, It was one helluva day.”

“Let me reflect on that comment, for one minute.  A helluva day.  Does that mean you had a good day?  Or a bad day?”:

“Both.  It was a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the homely.”

“What happened to the ugly?”

“We got lucky.  The severe storm warnings were cancelled. But the weather was mighty oppressive.  I can’t say it was ugly, but it was quite homely.”

“Go ahead. You are dying to tell me.  What happened to you today?”

“Are you ready for this?  My top 10 list for today:

1. The vacations are hot and heavy.  I covered for 3 people today.   Time flew.  It was wild. I asked several people to take me out back and shoot me, and I must say, they all seemed way too eager to accommodate my request.

2.  I got an email from a hotel in NYC.  Dear Wolf:  Hey, come on up on your birthday.  You can hang out on the roof top, but Mayor Bloomberg moved the fireworks to the East River, so you won’t be able to see them.  But we love you anyway.

3.  I decided to eat healthy and had Greek yogurt for breakfast, laced with caramel.  Now that is one helluva yogurt.

4.  Jimbo called me at work.  A rare event.  He told me that tornadoes were in the forecast, and that he and the cats would be in the basement if the twister hit.  And by the way, did I want him to call me if they got blown to Kansas?

5.  I ran into an old friend who had been missing for 2 months.  A 6 foot, 62 year old male, who frequents the local pub. Where have you been?  What? In the hospital?  Are you ok?  You weigh what?  120 lbs?  You have lung cancer?  I am so sorry.  (Life can be so cruel)

6.  A burned bridge showed up at the office.  He ate crow.  And I watched him as he ate 4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie.

7.  I finished another book, a murder mystery.  Mary Higgins Clark. My 5th book in 5 weeks.  It is amazing what an hour a day, reading, on a lunch hour, can do, to rejuvenate one’s mind..  Books are wonderful!

8. Another day of veggies only.   Yogurt, watermelon, apples, enchiladas, cucumber, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, and nuts.   Oh yeah, and orange juice, with a few shots of vegan vodka.

9.  No issues with A Fib today.  No issues since June 6th.  Could it be that I am damn near in perfect health once again?

10.  Opened the windows tonight, and the air is cool and comfortable.  The storms have weakened and are going out to sea.  I hear the birds chirping as they get ready to bed down for the night.  And the cats are stretched out, on the floor, waiting for me to climb into bed, so they can jump in and claim their space.  I wonder if anyone in the world could possibly be as happy as I am tonight.

A good, bad and homely day.

But then, most days are.




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