Thursday, June 25th.

Where in the world did June go?

We are in the final week of June, 2015.

How did it go so quickly?

And what did we accomplish?

Do we ever wake up and say: Ok.  It is now June 25.  Only 5 more days of June.

For today and every day, of the summer of 2015, I resolve to live every minute of every day to the fullest.

There is nothing more comfortable and easy living than the days of June, July and August.

Take a look outdoors.

Life is blooming.

It is calling us to action.

Even the sun shines longer during  the days of summer.

We plant.

We weed.

We sow.

And we wonder,  yes, we wonder, what is life all about?

Is life an easy, peaceful feeling?

Is it a struggle?

Do we sacrifice our freedom and happiness,  in search of the ultimate secure future?

Hey, kiddies, no such animal:  Nothing, nope, nothing is ever really secure, except for relationships, friendships and space ships.

However, we are here today, June 25, 2015.

And you are you and I am I.

And we have today.

24 hours.

To live our lives.

And if we are fortunate, we will have tomorrow, June 26th , to live another day.

My wish for you?

Enjoy it.

Live it.

Go for it.

And if you are available at 5pm tomorrow night, I hope you will join me and Harvey, the invisible rabbit at the local pub, where we will toast to our happiness and magic, and live to see another day.




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