A baby is comfortably nesting, not quite ready to make his entrance into this world.

Mother looks so uncomfortable, yet her face is glowing, and when she touches her belly, she does it ever so delicately.

It must be the most wonderful feeling that a woman can have, carrying a miracle, for 9 months, knowing that in just a few days, the gift of life, for her son, will leave the sanction of her body to live and breathe on his own.

What will the little babe become?  Will he have a secure future?  Will he be healthy? Happy?  Successful?

Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world.  It’s hard to get by on a smile.  But in your case, your smile is enough.  At least for a few years.  Let’s worry about the future when it gets here.

For now, Mother and Child are the focus of our concern.

We wait for the Child to signal his arrival, and hurry to assist Mother in his delivery.

And when he finally decides to make his entrance, we hear his cries, as we welcome him into a new world.

A perfect child in an not so perfect world.

We do our best to protect him, and when he is ready, we let him go.

And we hope and believe that he just might make a difference in this world.

After all, we have been told that an individual can make a difference.

And as we age, we give up trying, and pass that belief to our offspring.

Life has a way of wearing us down, forcing us to give it up and leave it to others to change the world.

We pass our legacies on to the next generation, get out of the work place and live our lives in peace and tranquility on the golf courses and beaches.

Thinking old is being old.

But having a new born in one’s life, rejuvenates the hopes and promises of what life has to offer.

And changing the world is up to all of us, individually, one at a time, whether we are a new born, or a senior citizen.

If you think you can be that change, go for it.

If you would rather not, then so be it.

Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing……(Helen Keller)





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