So, you are moving up.

Out of the back room and up to the front.

Leaving behind your BFFs.

Where bad habits and outrageous behavior were so much fun.

Can you imagine any other group of 4 or 5 or 6?

Who clicked the way we did and got our daily fix?

Snow and Carl and Candis have moved to new jobs.

Now Erica joins them, and turns a new leaf.

Hey Pat, Miranda, and Chicken b:

It’s only the 3 of us, alone once again.

Yeah, E, we will miss you, but we still will be here,

When you want to return to the room in the rear.

We will thrive as we survive, and continue our drive

To enjoy the hell out of our daily work lives

Sundown ya better take care
If I find you bin creepin’ ’round my back stair

Bye bye Erica, we will miss you

But I think you will miss us more.





Wolf, Oscar and the Beav



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