Well, another year has rolled around.

Seems like birthdays sneak up on us and kick us in the ass.

It’s a time to reflect on who or what we have become.

In my case, I am still growing up.

Time to settle down?

To get serious?

To “plan” for old age?

Hell, I am old, so now what?

It’s too late to think about stuff like that.

It’s been said: Live one day at a time.

I do that.

It’s what I do best.

It’s not in my nature to think about what might happen.

It’s depressing, to think too much, about what the future holds.

And it robs us of our todays.

This past year was a year to remember.

It had its highs and lows, its joy and sadness, but no regrets.

In another day, I will start a new year, and it is fitting that it falls on Independence day.

For that is truly what I love about life: Being independently dependent, thanks to all those I love and those who love me.

Life is a hoot, and it gets hootier as the years tick away.

My thought for the next year: I resolve, as The Bananawolf, aka Chicken Butt, to acknowledge and enjoy everyone I meet.

And hope that I can make a difference, if only for the moment, when that happens.






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